The idea

The Nest is a coworking space, created by Vratsa Software Society as a follow-up in the implementation of our goal – creating an IT community in Vratsa that will provide quality education to the people of Vratsa, thus giving them the opportunity to have a challenging and well-paid job in their hometown.

We started with programming courses, which we then expanded with a digital marketing course, and now with a course in design.

We organize annual events such as Hack Vratsa, Rails Girs, Code Week Vratsa. We also invite inspirational lectures for interesting seminars.

We participate in other initiatives, and we have created valuable partnerships andthus becoming recognizable. We have created a growing digital community in Vratsa.

The next step in this direction was to create a place, where people from the community will gather with the idea to give them the opportunity to create new contacts, implement their projects, to start to continued their development, to find new friends and partners. You can also be a part of this community.

Our team

Teodor Kostadinov

Theo is one of the co-founders of Vratsa Software Society and Vola Software. He deals with programming and teaching, as well as organizing events and competitions. Theodore is a senior programmer at a large American company, dealing mainly with Java and Android. He is passionate about mysteries and board games.

Ivan Strizhlev

Ivan was born and lives in Vratsa. He graduated in psychology. For more than ten years he has been creating and conducting training sessions and team buildings. He works on improving the environment and interaction between people. His hobbies are photography and mountaineering.

Emilyan Kadiyski

Emo is another co-founder of Vratsa Software Society and Vola Software. He works as a web programmer and in 2011 was part of the first cohort of teachers of Teach for Bulgaria. And at the moment he continues to be a teacher in PTG “N. J. Vaptsarov ”Vratsa. His hobbies are sports: football, skiing, running, traveling and hiking in nature.

Ilyan Dimov

Icho has a technical mind and believes that innovative modern professions can be done from anywhere. He is motivated by the idea that Vratsa can become an IT hub. He graduated from the Technical University of Sofia, Master of Robotics. He works as a programmer and is a co-founder of Vratsa Software Society.